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Gupta Nikitra
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Ms. Nikitra N. Gupta has completed her B.Sc. (Chemistry) and MSc degrees in Analytical Chemistry from Dr. RML Avadh University, Ayodhya -224001, UP and SP-Pune university, Pune, 411007 respectively. She has been working as Project fellow on “Direct synthesis of DMC from CO2 & Methanol (two and half year)” and on Mission mode catalysis for sustainable development Project (HCP-0009, from June 2018 till present)”. At present, Ms. Nikitra Gupta is pursuing her PhD degree under the supervision of Dr. T. Raja.
Research Intrest
To gain the knowledge in the depth of heterogeneous catalyst and nano materials science (synthesis, characterization and its application), chemical kinetic, activation of water molecule towards value added pharmaceutical product. Also to gain knowledge at core level of analytical chemistry as well as variety of analytical instrumentation, and techniques, including chromatography, spectroscopy and microscopy performing analytical method development and validation.
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V Mrs. A. T.
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Mrs. Aswathy T V has completed her M.Sc. Applied Chemistry with a specialization in Oils, Fats and Aromatics from Mahatma Gandhi University, Kerala. She has been joined as a project trainee in heterogeneous catalyst group for the fulfilment of her M.Tech. in Industrial Catalysis from Cochin University of Science and Technology (CUSAT), Kerala. She has continued in a CSIR project ‘Catalysts for specialty chemicals’ for three years. Presently she is Senior Research Fellow funded by CSIR, New Delhi; working in the synthesis of C4 olefins from C4 hydrocarbons by various metal oxide catalytic systems.
Research Intrest
Oxidative and non-oxidative activation of light hydrocarbons .
Dr. Pranjal Gogoi
Mr. Pranjal Gogoi born in Assam and has completed his masters in Chemical Sciences from Tezpur University-Assam. His research interest is to design nano-catalysts for efficient production of H2 through the Aqueous phase and steam reforming of bio-based oxygenated hydrocarbons. Despite of time demanding career in research, he manages well to indulge in paintings, drawing and sketches. He won accolades for the state level competitions held in Assam by painting for themes like Bihu a form of local folk dance, peace and Silence.
Research Intrest
Heterogeneous catalysis, Nano catalyst, Aqueous phase reforming, Steam reforming of bio-based oxygenated hydrocarbons .